For some task areas, the Board has developed policies in addition to the regulations.

Policy procedure deletion of varieties

There are several ways by which a variety can be deleted from the national variety register. These varieties enter a deletion procedure read more...

Policy use of DUS-material

Ownership and use of DUS-samples and of DNA from DUS-samples during and after DUS-testing.

Based on a proposal from Naktuinbouw and after consultation with the industry, the following policy was adopted by the Board for plant varieties. This policy was established after consultation with the applicants. Once adopted, the policy was announced and published on the website of the Board read more...

Note on mission statement of the Board for plant varieties

Because several new members have joined the Board since 2015 and a new Chairperson will lead the Board in 2022, it is desirable to re-examine the Board's view of its tasks and take a joint position on this and share this with the policymakers at the Ministry of Agriculture, Nature and Food Quality.

The attached memorandum articulates the mission statement of the Board for plant varieties and replaces the 2015 memorandum on this topic read more...

Maintenance and maintainer regulations 2019

The Board for plant varieties has a policy on maintenance read more..