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Naming procedure

A variety can only be entered in the national variety register or be granted for national plant breeders' rights if it has an approved (established) variety denomination. The Board for plant varieties follows the procedure and rules of the CPVO (Community Plant Variety Office) for establishing variety denominations in national applications.

There are two types of variety denominations:

  • Fantasy name
  • Code

The procedure is as follows:

  • The denomination is submitted via the denomination form
  • The denomination is tested according to the "explanatory notes" of the CPVO.
  • If the variety denomination is acceptable, it is published in the Gazette of the Board for plant varieties. This publication serves to examine whether the proposed denomination could possibly cause confusion with already existing rights, e.g. trademark rights. Three months after publication, the name is established if no objections are received.
  • If the name is rejected, a new proposal for a variety denomination must be submitted.
    A proposal for this can be submitted while the DUS-test is ongoing.