About the Board

The Board for plant varieties is an independent administrative body and the only body in the Netherlands responsible for granting plant breeders' rights and authorising plant varieties and stands.

Wo are we?

The Board registers varieties with or without plant breeders' rights in the national variety register. The examination for the registration and granting of plant breeders' rights is carried out in the Netherlands by  Naktuinbouw/Variety Testing Department. For its procedural and administrative work, the Board is supported by Bureau of plant varieties (part of Naktuinbouw/Variety Testing Department).

In addition, the Board admits agricultural varieties and varieties and stands of forest reproductive material to trade.

What do we do?

The Board for plant varieties is an Autonomous Public Authority (APA). The Board is the only authority in the Netherlands responsible for plant breeders’ rights and registering of plant varieties and forestry stands. The main duties and powers of the Board for plant varieties are:

  • Granting national plant breeders’ rights
  • Listing of varieties and forestry stands (agricultural, forestry and vegetable) species)
  • Designation of maintainers (agricultural and vegetable varieties)
  • Determination of variety denominations


The legislation with regard to plant breeders' rights and admission to the catalogue of varieties is diverse and based on international legislation. There is a national plant variety right (based on the Seeds and Planting Materials Act) and a community plant variety right (based on the Community Plant Variety Regulation). Both are based on the International Convention for the Protection of New Varieties of Plants (UPOV).

In addition, plant breeders' rights legislation touches on legislation in several other areas such as patents, biodiversity and genetic modification.