different types of agricultural seeds

Closing dates and submission requirements

To ensure that the application will be included in the next DUS-examination, it is very important that the application forms and required plant material are received on time.

Closing dates and submission requirements

  • Your application forms and payment of the application fee must be received by the Board before or on the closing date.
  • If the application forms and/or payment of the application fee are received after the closing date, the application cannot be included in the next DUS-examination. The delay in the examination may therefore be up to 1 year.

After payment of the application fee, you will receive a confirmation of your application with a request to send in plant material (the identity sample). The quantity, where and the latest submission date of the identity sample that you have to submit are mentioned in the letter of confirmation. The submitted plant material must meet the submission requirements of plant material. You can find these submission requirements on the Naktuinbouw website.

For most crops, we follow the CPVO's application and submission requirements. You can find this information on the CPVO website.

  • Submission requirements for the crops Velvet Bent, Red Top, Crested Dog's Tail and Sugar can find here.
  • Submission requirements for an amateur-, conservation-, or landrace application can be found here.

If the plant material is not received on time or does not meet the submission requirements, the Board for plant varieties will automatically withdraw the application.


Special submission requirements apply to the submission of hemp planting material.